About us

We are an accounting firm committed to driving businesses forward.

We are here for you, not to profit from your success but to help guide you, to build your business and drive it to the next level that works for you (and to do the pesky annoying compliance work).

We work in a unique way to do what we can to help everyone. 

Our prices begin lower than the industry standard, this is so we can help those who need it most but who cant afford the prices for the best. 

With our model you get the best at a price you can always afford. As your business grows our prices rise in line, meaning we literally grow with you hand in hand.

It is in our best interest for your business to thrive!


We are not your normal accounting practice, we are the accounting practice for people who don’t like accountants!

After many years in the industry I was shocked at how many greedy accountants are out there, charging for every call and email, ‘upselling’ at every opportunity. I came into accounting to help people with their finances and give them a greater understanding of their business and profit potential, NOT to be a sales person. This is why I decided to start Current Accountancy Ltd.

AAT and ACCA licensed with extensive experience in management accounting means we are equipped to deal with the compliance aspects, but what we are really good at is giving a helping hand and advising ways to save money and increase profit potential. 

Our services

Offering a range of services from bookkeeping to year end, compliance, payroll and pensions, management accounting including budgeting, forecasting and cashflows. We tailor make packages from just £70 per month which work for your business. Our aim is to help decrease the time you spend on paperwork and admin, but increase your knowledge of what your figures actually mean. 

Working in the cloud means we are equipped to help no matter where you are based.

Meet The Team