About us

We are an accounting firm committed to driving businesses forward.

We are here for you, not to profit from your success but to help guide you, to build your business and drive it to the next level that works for you (and to do the pesky annoying compliance work).

We work in a unique way to do what we can to help everyone. 

Our prices begin lower than the industry standard, this is so that we can help those who need it most but who cant always afford the prices for the best. 

With our model you get the best at a price you can always afford! As your business grows our prices rise in line, meaning we literally grow with you hand in hand.

It is in our best interest for your business to thrive!

We are not your normal accounting practice, we are the accounting practice for people who don’t like accountants!

After many years in the industry I was shocked at how many greedy accountants are out there, charging for every call and email, ‘upselling’ at every opportunity. I came into accounting to help people with their finances and give them a greater understanding of their business and profit potential, NOT to be a sales person. This is why I decided to start Current Accountancy Ltd.

AAT and ACCA licensed with extensive experience in management accounting means we are equipped to deal with the compliance aspects, but what we are really good at is giving a helping hand and advising ways to save money and increase profit potential. 



Meet The Team

Hannah - MAAT - Owner/Director


Hannah has an overwhelming need to help people.

She started the firm as she saw a real gap in the market for accountants genuinely wanting to help businesses improve their profitability and understanding of their finances. 

She has 4 children to keep her busy (5 if you include the husband), the company mascot Poppy who is constantly begging for affection, and when she gets spare time (which is very rare) she likes to ride.

She likes to relax with a glass of wine on a weekend, with friends where possible, but is still available if needed (full disclosure, if you want a non tipsy answer then best to wait until Sunday/Monday).

She likes to support a range of charity’s as and where she can within the business and on a personal level.

Georgina/George - ACCA qualified accountant

George is an ACCA qualified accountant with 15 years experience in practice. 

She is a whizz with numbers and has a real eye for detail when it comes to spotting inaccuracies.

She has 2 children and when she isn’t working loves to spend time with her family.  

She has chickens (but is yet to send us any eggs 🙁 ) and a cat that likes to ‘help’ her with her work. 

George also has a little side hustle making beautiful children’s clothes.

She likes to relax with a Gin on the weekend when she isn’t busy finalising accounts or putting the finishing touches on her latest designs.

Millie - AAT Trainee Bookkeeper


Millie is our bookkeeper in training.

She is currently studying her AAT level 3 and she is looking forward to moving on to her level 4 next year. 

She came on board as part of the kickstart scheme but is very keen to stay on after this period. 

She has a beautiful daughter and loves to spend time with her family when she is not at work.

She loves dogs and spoils our mascot daily (Poppy is quite happy with this arrangement!). She is doing her utmost to turn her into a lapdog!

Millie is very artistic and likes to create a range of differing items on an evening.

Poppy -Love giving, fuss hoarding Mascot

Poppy is the firm Mascot.

She loves nothing more than fuss and will do everything she can to keep your attention on her for as long as possible. She is also known to trip people over trying to get as much affection as she possibly can (we think she knows that when they are on the floor there is more mass for her to snuggle into).

In her spare time Poppy likes to sleep and eat. She does like a walk but only if her whole family are in tow, if not then she would rather stay home with them. 

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