Here at Current Accountancy we are passionate about offering you the best services at the best prices. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with some amazing people and companies. 


We only choose the very best for our clients  and we work closely with our partners to ensure they are always providing you with what you need.


Please see a list of our partners below and how they can help you and your business.

Fluidly provide inelegant cashflows which take your historical data to predict your future income and outgoings.

As a client of ours you will get a 12 Month cashflow through fluidly with scenario planning so you can make educated and informed decisions about the future of your business. 

Fluidly will also provide training free of charge for our clients.

One of the other amazing offerings that Fluidly provide is funding at really competitive rates for businesses small and large and for a range of differing reasons. To find out more then simply click the pic.

We decided quite early on that for us Xero was the way to go, and we are proud to be silver partners.

As a true end to end software it works for both the smallest and largest business whilst still providing the capability for us to do all of the behind the scenes work and be able to file your returns.

User friendly and with the ability to integrate with a myriad of other software’s for us it truly is the best option for all business owners and accountants alike. 

Dext prepare (formerly receipt bank) gives our clients an easy and reliable way to provide us with the information needed to get them the figures they need.

Using automated processes to capture your receipts and invoices to then extracting the correct data means gone are the days of a shoebox full of receipts making life easier for us and our clients.

Dext Precision (formerly Xavier) is one of our favourites, getting in behind the data, picking up on errors and mistakes ensures that your financial information is always 100% accurate.

A local forest of Dean area membership card offering discounts with special local business’s.

The membership card is partnered up with a selection of businesses offering you anything from estate agents, cafés, restaurants, accountancy and even Christmas trees. You can get a 10% discount for all packages for 6 months with us with this card.

To take advantage of this offer just click the pick and sign up for your card.