Supporting the community

We like to do our part for the community near and far and support charities where we can. On this page you can see who we are raising money for at the moment, see what we are doing to raise money, donate yourself (remember this is tax deductible!!) and also suggest charities that you would like to see us support.

Our current charity of choice is


ActionAid and the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian appeal.


We are hoping to raise £1000 for this cause.


We will be attending local events doing Glitter Tattoos for donations to this brilliant cause. 


If you cant make one of the events but would like to show your support then the link to give is just below.



We will be at this event on the 12th June doing glitter Tattoos in support of the DEC Appeal.

Come on over to see Myself and Millie  and get your Glitter Tattoo, if you want to bring a drink across with you I am sure we will be forever grateful!!

Set to be an amazing day for all!! Click the pic for more info.

From infants to teens, there are unfortunately times when young people will need to be in hospital. The reasons are innumerable, but the care and attention they receive from our NHS is without compare throughout the world. However, whilst receiving the expert treatment that they require, there is also an impact made on these people and their families from the fact that they are separated from their usual rhythm of life.

Young people of different ages are impacted differently, and of course some will deal with it more capably than others, but ultimately, no one likes to be taken away from their usual, comfortable environment and be experiencing ill health or injury that requires medical attention. For young inpatients throughout the UK, Raising Smiles are going to be helping them to feel that they are not only being cared for and their recovery aided; but that they can still access many of the things that make the whole experience as normal as possible for them.

We have been giving to Raising smiles through Best solutions for the last 12 months, we do this in the form of contributing to their magazine which can be bought by the public, with the proceeds going to Raising smiles.

They contact hospitals directly to ask specifically what kind of donations will make the most impact on their current patients. It is this unique approach that allows Raising Smiles to invest in the most appropriate and needed gifts for the children. The charity receives no funding from the government and it is only with the support of people like yourself that Raising Smiles can continue their great work.

Have a particular charity you would like us to support? Please let us know in the link below.